A meditation of seventy names and titles of Jesus Christ
Jesus A Name above every name Son of God Savior Friend I am Lamb Righteous Judge
Jesus, A Name above every name
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Jesus, A Name above every name.

Jesus Christ is the exact representation of who God is. Seventy names and titles of the Lord Jesus are set out in this book in a chronological order, according to the Bible revelation. Each of them is presented with twelve chosen verses, or part of verses, of the Bible as twelve fountains of water from which every reader can drink without end. Like a preparation of a very fine perfume, by meditating these scriptures one can discover the absolute constant character and power of our God who is one: Jesus Christ in whom are found all the perfections of God. 
For each name that is standing there like a road indicator, like a palm tree in the desert of this world, a search through the whole Bible was done to show the eternal value of that name, in the past, present and future times. 
When touching the texts in bold, the glossary of 690 names, attributes and titles can be opened. It provides in alphabetic order the list of the names we found and quoted in this study. It leads also to a study of the names on flipping cards showing each reference on the back. But the best is to find the names in their original context in the Bible. The quotations are used only once.


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The Editions NAOMI

The Editions NAOMI started in 2002. At that time there were 40 years that I had spent searching to know the Lord Jesus better. I grew up in a church where the Word of God was highly esteemed and respected. When I was 6 years old I loved to gather pictures of the Lord carrying a lost sheep on his shoulders or knocking at the door. At Sunday school we were taught to learn whole chapters of the Bible by heart and before I was a teenager I knew Isaiah 53 and Psalm 19 by heart. One day I found a German booklet with titles and names of Jesus quoted only with the corresponding scripture. I wished then to edit a book with the same principle: only bible verses to meditate and so get enriched by the Word of God, without personal comments. When I turned 19, a friend offered me the ‘Daily Light’, a calendar without years, with a page of verses of the Bible quoted by themes for each day. I loved it so much and it followed me for many years. When I met Philippe, my husband, I was even more eager to study the Bible and I felt that with him I would be able to study just as I wanted: freely and in the full respect of the Lord. That is how after a fews years of reading the Bible together, the first, second and third book were created, as a trilogy of themes of the Bible called Perfect Love. We gathered verses first about Jesus, then about God’s Promises and thirdly about our life with God. All the verses had some day been living Scriptures in our walk with God. They are the living and permanent word of God sharp as a two edged sword.